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Attention Troopers: Clarence Holloway's cancer has returned with only weeks or months to live. Clarence in in need for prayer and the friendship of his fellow Darkhorse Troopers. In the spirit of the Christmas Season please think of Clarence or pickup the telephone and give Clarence a call to brighten up his day. Clarence is in a Nursing Home located inside the Richmond VA Hospital and is available by cell phone at 434-202-7575. Clarence was a highly decorated member of the ARPS and served as ARP 46A during 69-70. Thanks,
Attention Troopers an Urgent Request:
Hello Gary this is Charlie McCamey's wife. I am writing to let you know and for you to tell the other guys that Charlie was electrocuted Wednesday and was air lifted to Grady Memorial Hospital Burn Center in Atlanta, GA. He has 2nd degree burns on his chest and arms and shoulder. But it was worse for his feet. They did draft surgery this morning. They took it from his thigh to place on his feet. So would everyone please keep him in your prayers he has a long road ahead to recovery. October 1, 2011. We will post an update when new info is obtained.
Sept 26,2011, Jimmy Russell called and said surgeons removed his stomach which contained the cancer and re sectioned his intestines. Jimmy said today he starts on liquids and if all goes well he could be released from the hospital Thursday. Jimmy wanted to thank his Darkhorse Family for their prayers. please keep Jimmy in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

We Pray Get Well Jimmy Russell, Mustang CE 1969 Aug 25, 2011 Jimmy was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Jimmy Russell, Mustang CE 1969

Clarence Holloway, ARP 69/70, July 24, 2011

ATTENTION TROOPERS: Clarence Holloway, ARP 46A during 69-70 is at the Richmond Virginia VA Hospital and can be reached by cell phone 434-962-3953. Clarence is soon to be transfered to a nursing home and will stay there to live out his days with terminal Small Cell Lung Cancer. Please provide prayers and support for Clarence and his wife Vicki.
KUHN, Benjamin
ARPs 1/69-1/70                                                                  KUHN REUNION October 31, 2010, Springfield, Missouri
                                                 Visiting are ARPS Larry Gray, Roscoe "Doc" Morgan, Jimmy Dunn, Terry Houck and VN Veteran Jim Dunham    

Member Illness Jack “Al” Vick

posted Feb 9, 2011, 7:13 PM by Gary Brewer


Vick Jack “Al”

Mustang CE ‘71
We recieved a request from a Darkhorse member requesting prayer for Al Vick. Al is experiencing an illness and is need of our prayers.

Ben Kuhn Obituary

posted Dec 13, 2010, 5:58 PM by Gary Brewer

On Mon, 12/13/10, Darkhorse <dh43a@cox.net> wrote:

From: Darkhorse <dh43a@cox.net>
Subject: Standby Funeral Alert for US Army PFC Benjiman "Benji" Kuhn
To: "ARP Gunner Gray" <ljgray5@yahoo.com>
Cc: "Stacey Miller" <welovetotravel4fun@yahoo.com>
Date: Monday, December 13, 2010, 5:30 PM


Standby Funeral Alert for
Vietnam War Veteran
US Army Darkhorse ARP
PFC Benjiman "Benji" Kuhn

The Family of Benjiman Kuhn has notified us that Ben died Monday, 13 December 2010 after a long, courageous battle with cancer.  The Darkhorse Troop is invited to attend Ben's funeral.  At this time funeral plans are tentatively scheduled for Saturday, 18 December 2010 in Springfield, Missouri.  Ben will receive full military honors.  Final details will be forwarded when available.
Ben's family sends their thanks and appreciation to everyone for their prayers and the phone calls and visits.  Ben found great inspiration in the phone calls and visits from his fellow troopers.  If you wish to send a card, you can mail to the following address.
The Benjiman Kuhn Family
760 North Fallbrooke Terrace
Springfield, MO 65802
The Darkhorse Brothers extend our sincere condolences to Ben's wife Susan, and all their children and grandchildren.
God bless Ben, his family and friends, and his fellow troopers who have gone ahead of him on the final mission.

With respect and brotherly love,
Larry Gray ('Gunner Gray')
Terry Houck ('Kansas')
Roscoe (Doc) Morgan
Henry (Doc) Gray
Jimmy Dunn, ARP

Ben Kuhn Update

posted Dec 9, 2010, 4:42 PM by Gary Brewer

We recieved an email today from Stacey Miller, Bens daughter stating Ben was rushed to the hospital today after having a heart attack. Please keep Ben in your prayers.


posted Oct 9, 2010, 3:11 PM by Gary Brewer   [ updated Oct 9, 2010, 3:20 PM ]

To all:
Henry "Doc" Gray and I rode our motorcycles to Springfield, Missouri to visit our Vietnam Darkhorse brother Ben Kuhn.  We spent most of Saturday 02 Oct 2010 with him at the hospital.  Saturday evening we had dinner at Ben's house.  Susan, Ben's wife, insisted that we brave the chaos and join her and all 16 family members as they made their famous taco dinner.  It was a real treat to be invited.  After dinner we followed Susan back to the hospital to spend a few more minutes with Ben and say our farewell.
Ben served incountry with the Darkhorse Troop from January 1969 to January 1970.  As you all remember, Ben was a very brave soldier, and he was bullet-proof.  He has continued to be a brave soldier fighting this terrible cancer that has attacked his body.  Ben is in good spirits and has a large, loving family who support him 24x7.
If you want to send a card to Ben's home:
Ben Kuhn
760 North Fallbrooke Terrace
Springfield, MO 65802
Emails can go to Stacey, Ben's daughter.  welovetotravel4fun@yahoo.com
You can also send them to Larry "Gunner" Gray, and he will forward them to Stacey.
If you can possibly go to Springfield to visit Ben, now is the time to do it.  If you can't go, you can give Ben a phone call via Susan's phone at 417-234-1697.  She is by his side most of the time and is taking the calls.  She welcomes all calls from Ben's Vietnam brothers.  Your calls are very uplifting to Ben.  Ben's daughter Stacey puts out email updates about Ben's condition.
I am enclosing the pictures I took.  The brunette is Susan.  The blonde in the gray sweater is Stacey.  The Please pray for Ben and his family.
Terry Houck (Kansas)

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